Is Now the Best Time to Refinance?

YES!  Interest rates are at historic lows.


I owe more than my house is valued at.  What should I do?  There are loan programs that can help you get off your variable rate or ARM loan and into a fixed rate loan.


How far down do interest rates need to move for me to refinance?  Some say it is about a 1 point drop in your interest rate.  This is not always true.  The smaller the loan the less you save vs. the larger your loan the more you will save.  So it could be much less if you have a bigger loan and much more if it is a smaller loan.


How can I tell if it is good for me to refinance my current mortgage? The questions you should be asking yourself is “How long do I intend to live in my house?”  If that answer is over 5 years then it would probably be a good idea.  The best thing to do is figure out how long it would take to breakeven.  Meaning, adding up all the closing costs and then add up what you would save per month.  Find out how many months of savings would it take to cover your closing costs.  If it is under 5 years or what seems reasonable to you then you should. 


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