Is Now a Good Time To Buy?
It is one of the best times to buy with the market basically bottoming out, rates at historic lows, and many different government programs helping consumers get into housing.

Is it really in my best interest to have a Real Estate Agent help me find a house? YES, The agent should be looking out for your best interest and protecting you from fraud or making a decision you might later regret.  I have seen a number of people buy a house without an agent later to find out that something was not disclosed properly which would have been with an agent.  (One recommendation would be to not have your agent representing both the borrower and the seller in the same transaction.)  It will become a fair deal not the best deal for you!

How long will rates stay low?  There is not an easy answer to this complex question.  We're in difficult times and the government will need to raise interest rates soon to help curb off inflation.  It's a delicate balancing act for them.  

We can help you with a home purchase or construction loan.  We can also help with investment properties and second homes. National 1st Mortgage is the mortgage experts in Utah with over 22 years of experience.

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