If you have not pulled your own credit report within the last 12 months you
    should.  You can receive a free credit report from one of the big three credit bureaus by clicking on this link Annual Credit Report.  By checking your report at least once a year will help you keep your credit history clean while helping protect your identity.

    Here are just a few thing to look for when reviewing your credit report:
  • How many lines of credit do I have open - If your not using a lot of accounts see which
    ones make the most sense to close like department store accounts.  By having to
    many lines of open credit can effect your score and can pose as a risk even if you
    don't have a balance on them.  However this is a fine line.  If you have old credit card
    accounts leaving them open can play to your advantage showing that you are
    established as opposed to new accounts without history.  If your going to be applying
    for credit it is best to leave the accounts open then after review your accounts and see
    what should be closed.

  • Start by finding credit lines that show open but you know have been closed.  Call
    these creditors and request that the line be closed.  Many times you will find that they
    have been closed but have not reported to the credit bureaus.  They will either ask
    you to appear in person (if local) or fax them a letter with the account information and
    state that you want the account closed and reported to the credit bureaus as closed.

  • How many have balances that can easily be cleaned up.  Look at consolidating your
    small balances into one.  Don't exceed a 50% of the available credit line.  Then close
    some of the accounts that make sense but leave ones that have been established for
    a long time open.  If your about to apply for a loan do not close any accounts without talking to your loan officer first.

  • Try not to have balances more then 50% of the available line of credit.  One of the
    many things that credit bureaus look at is if you have a lot of credit and if they have
    balances over 50%.  By having a number of them over 50% is a trigger for possibly
    being over extended, and could actual give your creditor the right to raise your
    interest rate to the max allowed rate.  Make your credit work for you not against you.  
    In many cases if you can pay your balances off within 30 days, you can use their
    money for free while getting free airline miles for a trip.

  • Look for late payments.  If you find that a creditor has given you a mark for being 30
    plus days late and you know this is not the case, call the creditor and inquire for the
    reason.  You can also launch an investigation with a bureau disputing the reason for
    the late mark.

  • Sometimes it can take up to three months for your report to be updated so it's
    important to keep it up to date.  You can do a rapid re-score, which we could help you
    with.  Credit bureaus charge $30 a piece and there is three main bureaus.  You would
    want all your documentation supporting your case, then we would submit it for your.  It
    usually takes five business days and you'll get an answer.  

  • Look for discrepancies, such as accounts that do not belong to you.  Many times
    lenders or creditors will accidentally enter the wrong social security number.  The
    account can then show up on your credit.  Call the creditor, give them your name,
    address, and the account number (from the report) then find out if it is your name.  If it
    is your name and you didn't open the account you can request documents and explain
    the account is not yours.  Do signature match up?  Is it the same social security
    number? Same address?  After you have collected some information you can contact
    the credit bureau and lunch a dispute.

    All of these issues above can effect your overall credit score called FICO.  
    This score is what companies loan on and effect how good of an interest rate
    you will receive.  Take the time to clean up your credit history, it can make a

    If you would like some free counciling on your credit report CLICK HERE NOW.

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